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Love the people around you, but ignore them. 2

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition by mediocre minds.” 1) Don’t try it. It’s a scam. Perhaps too dangerous. Feedbacks given by your friends and families are sincere, good natured advice. They want their friends and family members, sons and daughters to stay safe. However, we must keep in mind that most of the(…)

Quick hack #1 in ten steps. – How to turn $5 into $50 in one day. 0

Quick hack #1 in ten steps. – How to turn $5 into $50 in one day. Situation: Check out www.fiverr.com. It’s one of the world’s largest online marketplace for small services, all starting from as low as $5. Some of the services and products they sell you for $5 are actually worth much more than(…)

Essential tools for hacking 0

Essential tools for hacking -Fundamentals. It’s disturbing to note that while we are living in a hyper connected world, there are still youths that all certain basic tools to earn money online. Many of the sites already assumed that you have many of these elements in your life and they take these for granted. However,(…)

Explore. Dream. Discover. 0

Be smart when making choices. In your life plan, you should fill as many key activities that includes these three words as much as possible. Whenever you try to make a decision to do an action, ask yourself these three questions. 1) Is this action repeatable? 2) Can this decision lead to a consequence that(…)

Freedom = Money – (Addiction +Responsibilities) 0

Contrary to the popular belief, money doesn’t buy you time. Money buys you freedom. The freedom to work, to do anything you want and get anything you want that can be bought with money. The catch is this: there are some rich people in this world that are still unhappy even though they are very(…)

Information is free. Information is money. 0

We all know where the library is. How to enter a search term on google. That’s it. We have access to unlimited, free information. Yet, we see that at kinokuniya and other bookstores, people are actually paying to purchase these books. Aha! Now you see that we can actually sell something free for money. Thought(…)

Complaining makes you poor 0

Complaining is a negative energy that is counterproductive to greatness. Life is already so complicated. In order to succeed we first need to eliminate excess, unnecessary baggage in outlet lives and one of the largest bags is the bag labelled as ‘complaints’. If you don’t like a situation, change it. If you can’t, change your(…)

Why being paid by the hour is a scam 0

For many of us, how we think about work is by the hour, or the faction of an hour. It isn’t as addictive as drugs, but its close, especially for highly paid workers. Getting paid by per hour creates a perverse incentive to focus on the amount of time spent on the job instead of(…)

Don’t be a human machine. 0

Be a cashier. A toy promoter. A salesperson. Whatever. Most of the jobs out there treats us like a machine. You do repetitive stuff over and over again, and this doesn’t add value to your life. It’s good experience, but there can be better experiences out there if you can give it a try. The(…)

Why you hold unfriend some friends. 0

Givers. They will help you out in times of crises, gives painful advice when the truth hurts, and never expects anything in return. Investors. They are nice to be around with, but can be at times irritating. Opinions clashes, assumptions are made, and sometimes you just feel that they are a waste of time. But(…)