Why you hold unfriend some friends. 0



Givers. They will help you out in times of crises, gives painful advice when the truth hurts, and never expects anything in return.

Investors. They are nice to be around with, but can be at times irritating. Opinions clashes, assumptions are made, and sometimes you just feel that they are a waste of time. But they help you out in other ways too, so it’s a dilemma on whether you want to be friends with them.

Takers. They ask you to watch a movie when exams are near, tell you to go shopping when you have a tight budget, and chats with you all day long talking about nonsensical stuff that doesn’t add value.

There are 3 type of friends in this world.

1) Givers

2) Investors

3) Takers

Givers are your true friends. They help you without expecting anything in return, and respects your decisions. You don’t feel awkward or pressured to be around them, and you have a deep respect for them. They share with you their experiences and asks thought provoking questions. Advice: Love them deeply.

These are people that helps you along but can be irritating at times. They give you opinions but it may not suit you well. You help one another out but sometimes things get unpleasant. These are your regular bunch of friends. They are people you want to be with, but learn to draw a clear line politely when things get intolerable. Advice: try to change them. Influence them to be more positive and sensible. If it fails, limit your contact with them.

Those people who always asks you stupid questions, leech on your resources and gives you a whole load of bullcrap like who is having a relationship and gossip about people they don’t like. They leech on your resources, time and attention. It’s nice to have them because they give you interesting news, and bad to unfriend them because they can spread rumors about you. Advice: Limit your contact with them. Try not to speak to them at all. If necessary, wherever they say something negative, like “The food here sucks.” counter it with something positive, like “At least you have food to eat.” Soon enough they will change or get the idea not to be close to you.

Think of some of the people around you that holds these attributes and reflect on how they are actually influencing you. Does it matter to you if they are dead in 1 hour?
If the answer is no, you know what to do.

Everyone have only 24 hours a day and it is difficult to manage too many friends at a go. It’s not possible give the same love to 1,000,000 as you would to 1 person, so choose your friends wisely. Not getting sucked into their mindless negativity will allow you to free up time and brain space to learn and do something that adds value to everyone around you.

Nonetheless, we know that friendship is something that is sensitive and subjective, so what’s here is really just advice. Make your own decision.