Don’t be a human machine. 0

Human Machine

Human Machine

Be a cashier. A toy promoter. A salesperson. Whatever.

Most of the jobs out there treats us like a machine. You do repetitive stuff over and over again, and this doesn’t add value to your life. It’s good experience, but there can be better experiences out there if you can give it a try.

The problem with this is that humans are not machines. We are young people with creative juices flying all over the place and knowledge that can be applied to make money. Just because we signed up for a job we became a robot. Not cool.

Large organizations gives young people like us, a set of instructions to follow and repeat all over again. Something like,
1) Greet customer
2) Scan item’s barcode using scanner
3) Collect total amount of money
4) Give back change
5) Pack the products into a plastic bag
6) Say ‘thank you and see you again!’ to customer.

No wonder your pay is like peanuts. Do you know that your creativity can be put to better use? Help others design a logo. Be a ghostwriter. Help companies do social media marketing. And you could just earn more than 10 times of what you are earning now.

Yeah. Easier said than done.

Point acknowledged, but that’s not the case here. The details on how exactly we can build these hacks will be found in other sections, like quick hacks.

The trick here is that by being paid per hour it gives you a mentality that you are earning money every second. But remember that this is a flat rate and doesn’t give you the ability to become a millionaire. Calculate the number I hours you need to work to get $1million. Aha, now you see the flaw of working for a organization.

It brings across stability (you don’t need to take risks) and frees up a lot of stress (because others do the thinking for you). It is good for certain type people that likes stability in their lives, but i guess if you are the kind that actually reads these article you’re not like them.

Do you know that youth does not last forever, and that we will die one day?
Enjoy your time doing something that stretches your mind, a work that is more meaningful as compared to stuff like folding clothes or collecting money.

Let those who don’t believe in making it rich to do the work. We need their help when we build hacks anyway, so it’s good for them to remain this way so we can leverage on their time to execute hacks that we have built. Win-win situation.

Personal opinion: You’re a hot blooded teen, not some well oiled machine.

Think about it.