Information is free. Information is money. 0

Free = Information = Money

Free = Information = Money

We all know where the library is. How to enter a search term on google. That’s it. We have access to unlimited, free information. Yet, we see that at kinokuniya and other bookstores, people are actually paying to purchase these books.

Aha! Now you see that we can actually sell something free for money. Thought of torrenting Ebooks and selling them on EBay for a quick buck? No, you can’t. Because it’ll be an infringement of the copyright law.

So what must we do to sell information for money? There are several ways to do so, but for this article we will focus on one key word: Skills.

There are always people who need help in something. Be it researching, writing, design, programming or just administrative work. And to excel in those, all you need is to gain knowledge in how to provide these needed skills to turn it into money.

This is often a good way to start earning money (don’t worry about the ‘how to get customers part’, look at the section under key activities > Building to gain insights on how to advertise your services.

However, the skill that you would like to acquire would ultimately depend on your passion, interest and the needs of your community. But to show you one example, I’ll show you the how the example of a common skill: Photography.

All you need to learn is how to take good photographs, get a DSLR (if possible, or else you can se your phone) and learn photoshop. You can find all these information on google and in the library for free. The moment you acquire the skills of photography, you can start taking some stock photos and sell them online. Look at Some of them are selling their pictures for hundreds of dollars! All you need to do is to learn how to take great photographs and edit them well. The rest is simple: Upload those photos into the istockphoto site and money will start rolling in automatically. Now that may require a little bit of work. But if your photos are really good, you can actually earn tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of these digital images. Not convinced? Take a look at the most popular photos on

If you manage to learn the skill of teaching or giving good presentations, You can also give an online course and sell it for money. Distill some book’s information into key points, create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation and video record your screen and your voice to turn a book from an unknown author into your own course. And these courses are actually worth some money. Won’t go into the details here, but you can check out what others are doing at for a start.

Now you see that there are actually immediate opportunities to earn money!

Remember, knowledge is power and it can be acquired for free. Although information is everywhere, people are still willing to pay for it if it looks like quality content. Think about why our parents buy the newspaper everyday instead of watching news on television or surfing the forums? Now you’ve got the answer.

Not only will these skills enable you to start earning money without reporting to work everyday, these skills and knowledge might stick to you for life. The next time you are tasked to take a picture, to give a course, or to do whatever you have learnt from google or from books, you can do it better than most people out there.

Definitely better than being a cashier.