Freedom = Money – (Addiction +Responsibilities) 0

Your freedom depends on yourself.

Your freedom depends on yourself.

Contrary to the popular belief, money doesn’t buy you time. Money buys you freedom. The freedom to work, to do anything you want and get anything you want that can be bought with money. The catch is this: there are some rich people in this world that are still unhappy even though they are very rich.


Most if them are addicts.
Most of them have huge responsibilities as a father, a CEO, or a son.

You don’t want to reach a point whereby you are earning a lot of money, and being addicted to earning money itself. If say, you are making $100,000 an hour you won’t want to work 24 hours a day. It is imperative for us to cut off this addiction that we have for money, so that we can hit the next level of growth.

Money hacks contain a lot of hard work, and they can be quite addictive at times. So remember to always have a target amount if money to earn in mind, and give yourself a break once you have reached that target. Reducing addiction gives you more freedom, and with more freedom you can do anything you want. You can take create another hack that gives you more money, or simply enjoy your cash. This will create a beneficial cycle for you to not only be financially rich, but also the freedom for you to chase your dreams and find a life of purpose.

In addition, responsibilities in itself is a tricky situation. We can ‘t possibly ask everyone to give up on their families (like being a good son or daughter) just to get freedom, or quit being a CEO (maybe you can). The main task here is that to increase your amount of freedom, try not too take up too many unnecessary responsibilities (like promising to water your neighbor’s plants everyday kind of thing).
Try to align your voluntary responsibilities with your passion, like helping out at your religious community or doing kind deeds. Responsibilities like this will reduce your addiction to earn more money, and can be beneficial when it comes to achieving more freedom.
Here’s what I mean in terms of equations.

(Addiction + Responsibility).
Addiction decreases significantly.
Responsibility increases marginally.
The total value within the bracket will drop.

This is the main essence of the site.
We want you to achieve both financial and personal freedom through our money hacks.

Hence, always remember,

Freedom = Money – (Addiction + Responsibilities).

Increase the money. Decrease the addiction and responsibilities. You will then gain true freedom.