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Be smart when making choices.

In your life plan, you should fill as many key activities that includes these three words as much as possible. Whenever you try to make a decision to do an action, ask yourself these three questions.

1) Is this action repeatable?
2) Can this decision lead to a consequence that cannot be repaired?
3) If I don’t make a decision to do this, will I regret it for the rest of my life?

1) is this action repeatable?
Sometimes we would rather choose to do things like take up a summer job as compared to getting an international exchange or joining a competition, because we tend to gain instant monetary gratification. However this would bring to us a long term regret and questions that haunts us for the rest of our life. “What if I took up that once in a lifetime opportunity instead of getting instant satisfaction now?” What if? becomes one of the saddest phases in the life of human history. It is the root cause of psychological distortion caused by gambling and also the phrase upon which people express their regret. Go for something that can allow you to have a once in a lifetime, memorable and intense experience as compared to something that is more mundane but gratifies you instantly (like shopping or playing computer games). Okay, back to money hacking. If something can be repeated again and again it isn’t something of value. Most of the money hacks here are meant I be done once. When you eat a certain amount of money, consider delegating the work to someone else or get the hell out. Too many decisions to undertake repeatable actions is just not for the smart people in this world. Smart people innovate. They don’t repeat.

2) Can this decision lead to a consequence that cannot be repaired?
Think twice when making these decisions. Would you initiate a breakup if you are caught in a bad relationship? You can try to change the person, or you can leave him/her. When trying to make the second decision it causes a lot of angst because once done, the damage is irreversible. When approached with this kind of decisions, draw up a pros and cons list of whether to say yes or no. If you think one pro have the weight of one con, cancel both of them out. If you think one pro have the same weight as two cons, cancel the three out. Eventually the decision will be very clear. And it is based on this, that you actually make such a big choice to determine a once in a lifetime decision. One of the problem when trying to execute money hacks would be having your community going against you because you are doing something unconventional. Before you decide to really unfriend a person or shout at him/her, consider again whether this decision will cause an unrepairable strain on your relationship. Think twice before making such huge decisions that may impact the rest if your life.

3) Sometimes the hardest decision to make is to whether to make a decision in the first place.

When planning your life, your hacks or whatever, ask yourself, if you did not carry out this action (ask the cute girl/guy out on a date, donate your kidney to your friend, etc) would this inaction haunt you for the rest of your life? Sometimes the initial fear of uncertainty and anticipated disappointment if the moment causes us to not take any action. Ten years later, there will still be a voice in our head that asks, “what happens if you had been a little more courageous ten years ago, at that precise moment?”. This is the reason why we always ask people to try out the things that they are passionate about.If yes, pluck up a little courage and please, take action. To put it into context, if some of these money hacks really sound logical and interesting to you, I urge you to try them out. We have tried to the best of our effort to make the steps as clear as possible so that you have a high chance if succeeding. So if one of these hacks catches your eye or ignites your passion, we urge you to go for it. We also urge you to go for something that your gut feels tells you to. It doesn’t need to involve money. It can mean confessing to a person you admire,plucking up the courage to tell your parents how much you love them, or simply write a note to thank your best friend for supporting you all these while.

This article was inspired by this quote:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So sail off from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain