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Essential Tech Tools

Essential Tech Tools

Essential tools for hacking -Fundamentals.

It’s disturbing to note that while we are living in a hyper connected world, there are still youths that all certain basic tools to earn money online. Many of the sites already assumed that you have many of these elements in your life and they take these for granted. However, as youths, we know that navigating the web isn’t easy, and earning money online seems like there are multiple barriers we need to crack before we can even start doing anything. The following article will show you what are some of the really basic tools you need to fully exploit the web.

Summary of key tools
1) A Bank account
2) A debit/credit card
3)A laptop/desktop
4) Internet connection
5) An email account
6) A PayPal account

1) A bank account.
(approximately 30minutes set up)
Go to your local bank and tell them that you want to set up a bank account. Usually they would require a deposit of a certain amount, but it is small enough for you to afford it. Besides, it’s just a deposit. You can take back your money anytime. This is the core essential if you want to make money online.

2) Debit/Credit card. (10minutes)
After creating a bank account, tell the banker, at the same time, that you want to apply for a debit card or credit card tied to this bank account. Usually for debit cards, they require no minimum income, which can be applied easily safe for you too (you won’t be in debts). A debit card only deducts money from what you have in the bank, and does not go negative on credit. This will keep you debt free. Hence, we would recommend that you apply for a debit card instead of a credit card. some banks can give you the card instantly, while others you may have to wait for a few days. So be patient.
This debit card would be what you will use to set up your Paypal account and make online purchases. It is also a mandatory tool if you wish to execute online money hacks.

3) Laptop/Desktop
A laptop and desktop is usually required if you wish to access to certain heavyweight features and applications that aren’t available online yet. Maybe you are viewing this post on a smartphone. If so, consider using your parents or sibling’s laptop for heavyweight applications, like photo editing or go to a local Internet or LAN shop (search this on google on your phone) to find one that is closest to you.

4) Internet connection. Shouldn’t be a problem since you are actually viewing this post on the website itself already. However, if you really do not have an Internet connection at home, try to do Internet tethering using your smartphone’s data. Go to settings> wireless and connections and you should see functions that will either allow you to do tethering or to create a mobile hotspot. This will provide temporary Internet connection for your laptop or desktop.
Internet connection can be bought from your local telecommunications service provider. You can try signing up for an Internet connection or persuade your parents to do so for you. It is one of the most important thing to have in this era of the Internet.
There are even prepaid SIM cards out there that will grant you temporary access. Try looking at prepaid cards that sells ‘data’ and you are on your way to getting an Internet connection.
If all else fails, try looking for local shops that provide free wifi hotspots. These shops (eg, cafe cartel) allows you to use their data unlimited so long as you purchase a drink or a meal at their store. Great if you do not want to commit yourself to a long term Internet subscription plan.

5) An email account. (15 minutes)
I personally recommend gmail. Go to, click the sign up button and follow the rest of the instructions. Tadah! You have a free email account :D Always remember your email and password as this would be the primary form of communication and tool to sign up for many things on the web.

6) A PayPal account (20minutes)
PayPal is an important tool for you to make payments online. Many service providers and merchants on the web accepts Paypal, and it is a no drill, fuss free payment method. Although you will usually have the alternative to pay by credit card, it is best if you can pay by PayPal because it keeps your transactions secure and prevent you from fraud cases.
-Go to
-Sign up for an account
-Add a debit/credit card
-Fill up the form and submit the necessary information.
-You have a Paypal account.

For support or on tips on how to make and accept payments, you can visit the ‘help’ section in the PayPal website to gain further details on how to go around buying and selling using this powerful tool. Be patient with this though, as they might require up to one or two weeks for verification. Once it’s set up, things will become awfully simple for you. Bear with it for a while.

If you have already got these 6 tools, congratulations! You now have the basic tools upon which you can start building and executing money hacks. Now, you really have unlocked a whole new world of opportunities!

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