Quick hack #1 in ten steps. – How to turn $5 into $50 in one day. 0

Get paid.

Get paid.

Quick hack #1 in ten steps. – How to turn $5 into $50 in one day.

Situation: Check out www.fiverr.com. It’s one of the world’s largest online marketplace for small services, all starting from as low as $5. Some of the services and products they sell you for $5 are actually worth much more than $5 in value. You can resell their services immediately in your community. Ask the people in your community what kind of help do they need and what you can offer to them for 50 bucks. Pick some of the interesting gigs that are offered in fiverr and offer it to them. Per successful gig you get to earn 45 bucks.

Guided Walkthrough:
1) Take a look at www.fiverr.com
(up to 1 hour)

2) Sign up for an account (15 minutes)

3) Activate ‘damnquickpay’ using your Paypal account (10 minutes)

4) Use your phone or a notepad to look at some of the services you think people around you might need. Things like doing homework, writing an essay/article, doing online marketing is what many people need in our direct community. Jot down the top few services that you think you can sell for more than $5 in your community. (30minutes)

5) Ask the people around you whether do they actually need such services. Price them at a amount that you think is reasonable for them, but is more than $5. (things like designing a poster is easily worth 50 bucks). (30minutes)

6) Collate the top 10 services that are the most profitable and in demand and write it down in a word processor (Microsoft word, notepad, whatever), and what price you are selling them at.

7) Go back to Fiverr.com, and visit graphics and design > Brochures and Flyers. Find the top rated sellers and request for a gig. Pay them $5 and ask them to design a flyer or brochure for you to promote the services that you can provide to your community, their price and estimated waiting time. Wait for them to deliver. And there you have your marketing materials ready. Alternatively, you can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration or Indesign to create such flyers or brochures if you have the software installed and the expertise to use them. (Take 15 minutes and waiting time for delivery)

8) If possible, print out some of these brochures or flyers. If not, save them in a appropriate place in your laptop/desktop/smartphone.

9) Tell your direct community that you are ready to offer the service. All you need to do is just to coordinate between your customer and the person selling you the gig in fiverr. Collect the money from your customer and pay the person doing the work on fiverr, and keep the difference. ( About 10 mins per deal)

10) You can post the marketing collateral (otherwise called flyers/brochures) into Facebook, or in the Facebook marketplace to attract and retain new source of customers. You can tell them that you have a network of friends that can help them out with their tasks for a reasonable fee.

There you go! In no time you will be easily earning up to 100 bucks a day with minimal effort (no longer do you need to slog so hard for that part time job!)