Love the people around you, but ignore them. 2

Ignore your friends.

Ignore your friends.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition by mediocre minds.”

1) Don’t try it. It’s a scam. Perhaps too dangerous.
Feedbacks given by your friends and families are sincere, good natured advice. They want their friends and family members, sons and daughters to stay safe. However, we must keep in mind that most of the people around us are just average people. If you are average or want to be average, you shouldn’t even be reading this now. Most people think that we are either driven by a craze for riches such that we are willing to give up security just to get more time and money. The key thing is not about the money alone. It’s about realizing that when we follow our hearts and do things that normal people don’t do, the money part will come naturally.

Toughest thing to do when executing money hacks is to gain acceptance. It defies conventional ways of earning money and might even look unethical at times.

2) I don’t think earning so much money is ethical.
Think about making a profit. It’s already unethical in itself. Buying beef for sixty cents, soft drinks for twenty cents and bread for twenty cents costs us a dollar. When we sell it for 5 dollars, some people might think that we are unethical. Being too rich at a point in time puts us, sometimes in a negative light. Yet, you must always remember that so long as you are not doing anything illegal or against your conscience, it is okay to make huge profits following money hacks. Think about bill gates. His cost of selling a Microsoft software only costs cents (it’s just an activation key) and yet he sells that Microsoft office for as high as 699USD. Is he, then, considered unethical if he is selling something so cheaply for such a high price? The answer is obvious.

Money comes in when you do a certain act that people value and are willing to pay you for it. People only pay when they think its worth it. They don’t care how you do it, so long as you solve the problem for them they will give you what you want. Most of the work involved in money hacks involves extremely high markups of prices. Yet, we must understand that these hacks are not easy to master in the first place. Just like bill gates, we take an awfully long time trying to set up the entire system – the upfront cost is huge in terms of time, but the incremental cost of money and time in selling each product is minimal. That’s why we can earn much more than our peers. Be it in drafting legal contracts using softwares, building websites, outsourcing or marking up a product price by 10 times, we often take a long time to understand and build the entire system (which we call ‘hacks’) in order to gain a lot more profits than what we can do finding a job.

Yet most people who have not experienced success in this way would advise you not to, because they themselves dare not try.

Remember that your friends and families are good natured people. Don’t unfriend or unlove them. People who tell you ugly things are often your closest, and best people around. Yet, ignore their opinions by explaining the logic behind how each hack functions and why it is completely ethical. In addition, tell them ‘why can’t I give it a shot to see if I can achieve financial independence at a young age?’

The key thing after which these comments arrive, is, then, to build and execute these hacks as fast as possible to prove them wrong. To show them that you have crafted a trail that nobody in your immediate community have ever walked before. That way, you’ll become an inspiring figure.

Remember, Steve jobs dropped out of college.