How to use

How to use this website.

How to use this website.

How do you use this website?

IF YOU ARE DOUBTFUL about whether this is a scam or a complete waste of time, because it sounds too good to be true (trust me, it isn’t. It’s hard work.), try reading the section “Learning” under key activities. We will point out the key traps that teens face causing them to be stuck in certain undesired financial situations.

IF YOU ARE DESPERATE FOR TIME because you really want to earn quick cash and have complete faith in our site, read quick hacks. They have already been categorized depending on the amount of capital you have on your hands.

IF YOU HAVE THE TIME OR JUST TAKING A LOOK, feel free to start anywhere you like. Here’s the ideal situation though.

1) Learn how manage and take advantage of key resources on hand
2) Learn why hacking money is possible (under key activities > learning)
3) Plan your hacks
4) Look at best practices for building such hacks.
5) Build them (using quick hacks)
6) Measure your success
7) Repeat steps 1-7

Following articles in these sequence takes a long time but it will save you a lot of resources in the long run. Beware of over analyzing through, as it might impede action. The best is to read a maximum of 5 articles before taking one action.

Some guidelines to follow when reading though
1) Focus on only one hack at any one time. This prevents you from being overly distracted and keeps you in focus.
2) For steps that comes with a time limit, execute them. These are things that do not contribute to your life by just reading. You need to take action for something to happen.
3) Contact us if you have any question or doubts that what we said are actually true, or how certain steps actually work. We can be reached at

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